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the Watershed Epic


Ribbon of Wilderness

A wider appreciation of the distinctive environmental character of the Watershed of Scotland will most surely appeal to those who love and value the best of our precious landscapes. Ribbon of Wildness An Introduction and Guide to the Watershed of Scotland is due to be published in 2010; it will help to waken this sleeping giant. It will bring to a wider public, an eclectic mix of the Watersheds` key place in the geography of Scotland, evidence of its largely intact and continuous wildness throughout, outline many literary and historical references, and provide a wealth of both incident and interest on or around it. Finally, it will connect those who would `put their boots` on with a tantalizing physical, emotional and spiritual experience. More, much more to follow . . .

The Watershed - Where Is It?

The Watershed of Scotland is a line that separates east from west; that divides those river catchment areas which drain towards the North Sea on the one hand, and those which flow west into the Atlantic Ocean on the other. It’s a line that meanders from Peel Fell on the English border all the way to the top at Duncansby Head, near John O` Groats – over twelve hundred kilometers, through almost every kind of terrain; hill and mountain, field, bog and forest. The Watershed follows the high ground, and offers wide vistas down almost every major river valley, across moor and loch, towards towns and communities, into the heartlands of Scotland. Read more...

Volunteers Wanted!

To help to protect and promote the Watershed and its` wildness.

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